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What mediums do you use?  

For my paintings, I use mixed media, mostly water based, though some oil is incorporated in the final layers.

Are your paintings framed or unframed?

Framed or unframed is a buyer’s option.  Many works are sold unframed because people often want to select a frame that fits their environment and of course, shipping costs would be less.

If you prefer to receive a framed piece (unless already framed), we can discuss finish options. Price will be determined by size and quoted at the time of purchase

Are editions available of your paintings?
Currently I’m not making editions of my paintings. Check the website for updates.


What mediums do you use?
I work in marble, alabaster and soap stone for my stone sculptures, they have bronze bases. The Rive Nestor Collection includes  35 bronze sculptures, cast from molds of my original   ceramic and  stone pieces. Each piece is  a limited edition of 25.  My foundry is ArtWorks Foundry in Berkeley, California.

I also work in water based clay, oil based clay and plaster.  I patina the pieces with acrylic or oil  paint, liquid bronze, silver and gold laminates and encaustic wax. I make and paint handmade paper as well as other paper sources and incorporate and layer these in my work.

How will my sculpture be packed and shipped?
The stone and bronze sculptures are quite heavy and sometimes quite large, so the logistics of the packing and shipping is more complicated and unfortunately more expensive.  With that said, I hire a professional packing and shipping company who specialize in this kind of fine art shipping.  They build a frame and ship the work with the intent of 100% safety upon arrival.

My ceramic and mixed media pieces are not as heavy or large, but they are delicate. I take every precaution to double bubble wrap the pieces and surround them with Styrofoam popcorn in the first box, and then place that box within a larger box surrounded by Styrofoam popcorn. ( I am looking for more environmentally friendly shipping methods, but for now this is the safest way to deliver your piece unharmed) 

Do you do commissions?
I’m currently not taking commissions, you may check my website periodically for updates

Should you have any further questions please message me using this link.

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How will my painting or works on paper be packaged for shipping?
Artwork framed or on boards will be carefully packed using corner protections, bubble wrap and cardboard.  Flexible artworks on canvas or paper will be shipped in mailing tubes with the exception of works on paper that have multiple layers. These will be packaged in a protective flat box.

 After paying in full, how soon will I receive my artwork?

Delivery will depend on type of framing, if applicable, and the size or weight of your piece. I live in two work/studio spaces in Northern California, San Francisco and Smith River, respectively.  I spend equal time in each place so shipping time will vary.  

Can I pick up my piece directly from your studio?
Please contact me via the contact link in the menu bar if either studio location seems like an option for you. 

  *If there are special circumstances ie, a birthday or special event gift, please contact me regarding expedited shipping.