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Sublime and compelling.



Bold, wild and evoking passion.



Emotive, natural clay figures.



Unique, natural, hand-carved.



Strong figures reminiscent of an ancient tradition.


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Beyond Blu

| Ceramic, Sculpture | No Comments

  Beyond Blu began as a quick ceramic sketch .  Then after taking it from the kiln, I felt it needed to have the feeling of strength and resilience and courage, but also have the sense letting go of the drapings of  our own narrow beliefs…

Silken Cocoon

| Ceramic, Sculpture | No Comments

Silken Cocoon is a piece, you’ll see, that I made in the days following the election. The before piece is below This is the posting on facebook  from February 4th in response to the day’s events. “I went into the studio thinking I would make…

Adam Revisited

| Ceramic, Sculpture, Uncategorized | No Comments

“Adam Revisited is a magnificent water and resin based clay ceramic sculpture that was inspired by my own response to the events of today in our country. “ Adam Revisited is a magnificent water and resin based clay ceramic sculpture. It was inspired by my…

White Moon

| Ceramic, Sculpture | No Comments

White Moon came to me on a day that I hadn’t really understood where my feelings were. I started her with her head out in front and she just kept pulling down toward her chest until the ‘feel’ of the piece worked as a whole….