When the Election “happened” in January, I was stunned into a kind of perplexed, paralyzed stupor. Unsure of what to do with the angst and anger of witnessing such madness and divisiveness…knowing that I am not a community organizer or a “March down the street” protester, I wondered where I could place and use my newly awakened political tempest.

Once the dust settled, I realized that what I do is make art and it would be the only way for me to make sense for myself and give back in physical form, what I was certain so many others were feeling also.  I call this series, ‘Wings of Change’

I will be posting various images both in their initial raw rendition and then as a finished piece. I will also post some of what I wrote in response to how the events of the day affected my creative process.

Most surprising about this series is that each day before I entered the studio, I expected angry or doleful, hopeless or furious images to emerge.  But no matter my emotional state, almost every time, with the exception of Adam Revisited in his initial stages, the pieces came out strong, resilient, proud, and Awakened.

Our Nation and our world from one perspective is terribly divided.  But I believe that with art and our sense of compassionate education and focus we can help all of us, especially our children, to see how truly connected we actually are.