Silken Cocoon

By July 10, 2017Ceramic, Sculpture

Silken CocoonSilken Cocoon is a piece, you’ll see, that I made in the days following the election. The before piece is below

This is the posting on facebook  from February 4th in response to the day’s events.

“I went into the studio thinking I would make a piece with multiple figures interwoven having realized that we are the majority, those of us who believe in democracy, inclusion, equal rights, empathic humanity in government…to name a few priorities. But what came after failed attempts at multiple figures was this… an individual image made from what was once many images. And then I realized that this is teamwork, what we are doing …we may not all agree on the process or even like each other but we have a goal in mind. Many of you may not know this but I played on the national championship basketball team for UCLA in 1978 and to get there , I spent endless hours on my own working hard to belong to that dream team that eventually became Champions. I wanted to quit so many times…I stopped counting, but I couldn’t, I was a Bruin and I was part of a team So…this is us now…we are Americans and look around and see how many All Americans we have working tirelessly with us on our very own dream team made of individuals who have our eyes on the prize and that is to get our democracy back. We’ve got this…”

Subconsciously, I feel that I am personally, as we all are as a whole, emerging from our own restrictive and isolated selves.  The cocoon- like shroud appeared in response to this.