I Will Rise is exactly what her name suggests. I created this piece at a moment when all felt good and fine. I had just finished another piece that went well and had pulled from me all my angst and confusion from the days events. Normally, when I finish a piece I leave the studio and go into the rest of my day, but this day the clay was still calling to me. And moments later she appeared so sweetly and effortlessly as a kind of gift after all the madness of the post election carnage.

Her patina if you look closely is quite lovely too. Each area, if you zoom in could easily be its own abstract painting. Sometimes its hard to put a skin color on a piece because it places an identity that I don’t necessarily want. Serene is all Women in their strongest and most serene of places.

She is made of Water Based Ceramic Clay and her patina is painted with Golden Acrylic Paint and the base is a painted concrete block.
Her dimensions are 14 x 5 x 6 inches