I Love Her

By | Sculpture, Stone

I carved Gabrielle’s Summer from a 3′ beautiful Alabaster Stone. Believe me there were many times during the many hours (I stopped counting after 80) that I truly questioned my sanity for taking her on. No regrets though. It was certainly worth every aching muscle….

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Rising from the ashes

By | Uncategorized

Phoenix was created one midnight hour when I felt torn down and burned out by an emotional situation. When 6:00 am arrived I knew that I would make it through that particularly savage emotional moment in time. Standing in front of me was my own…

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By | Mixed Media, Sculpture, Uncategorized

I’m presently working on this piece. Its a relatively new medium for me. My idea was to make larger sculptures without the weight of the Stone or Bronze. I started with a wire and copper armature, added some aluminum and then started wrapping the piece…

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Aponi (Butterfly)

By | Stone

This is an Alabaster Stone, that felt almost as if it made itself. I saw this piece at the Stone Quarry and just loved what looked like the color of the stone. Its always hard to know exactly what colors will appear because until it…

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Dos Angeles

By | Bronze, Sculpture

This is a piece that I so wish that I had done a photo journey record of as it came to life. It started as a single image with wings then before I knew it another piece of clay was forming a new figure that…

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About my process

By | Artist Musings

I have so many people ask about my process and too, at times in the midst of creating I think that the process itself would be interesting to share. Viewers often only see the finished project, but so often the piece evolves from so many…

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