Pug Portrait - Before and After

The Pug – Before and After

I provide custom art work in one of two ways. I either work directly with the client to create a unique, one of a kind painting or sculpture or I can work specifically from an image that you provide of your pet or the animal that you would like represented.

If you would like me to do a portrait of a horse or a pet that you have known or loved I pride myself in accurately capturing their essence based on photographs. If you are in the Bay Area, I would prefer to take the photos myself (unless your heart is set on one the you already have) If you are outside the area, I would ask that you send me a variety of your favorite photos and we can land on the one is best suited for the painting.

It’s the beauty and grandeur of animals that I strive to portray through anatomical proportion… their soul and vulnerability through their eyes. Finally, it is the rich and vibrant colors I use that helps me access the deep emotional response that these animals inspire.

I can also do custom commissions of whatever animal that you would like. We can discuss color, emotive quality (ie, peaceful, powerful, serene, dynamic) I can only work from images that inspire a certain emotion in myself, so it would be a collaborative choice of which final image we decide upon.

If interested, please contact me for a personal consultation.

Comments from a few of my clients:

“I just love the portrait of GiGi. And I’ll tell you my kids love it too and if you can get them to go crazy over art the way they have about this portrait, well, you know that it has to strike some real interpretation of their favorite family member, GiGi.”
Beth Townsend
San Francisco, CA

“When we saw Rive’s work, we knew that she would be the one to be able to capture the essence of our beloved dog Bailey. Bailey had lost his sight for 6 month’s and at about the same time that we saw Rive’s show he had gotten it back. It was the eyes in the paintings that moved us so. She had captured the souls of these animals through her rendition of the eyes and we knew that we wanted to be able to remember Bailey just that way, through the eyes of his soul.

Rive also has the ability to find subtle colors and bring them to vibrancy. She reminds me of a cross between Andy Warhol and Georgia O’Keefe with the big colors of Warhol and the ability to capture the soul of an animal the way O’Keefe captured the soul of the flower.”
Lenny Simpson & Jody Angel
San Francisco, CA

“Up  until  last  year,  for  almost  sixteen  years  Jambo  was   certainly  my  best  friend.  We  communicated  and  shared  and  went  through  many  new  experiences  together.    Six  months  before  Jambo  had  to  leave, a  creative, sensitive  artist  named  Rive Nestor  painted  my  Jambo.   Now  he  hangs  above  my  bed  so  that  I  can  see  him  in  the  morning  and  say  goodnight  to  him  at  night.   Of  course  I  dream  about  Jambo.   I  believe  that  Rive  has  captured  the  essence  of  Jambo  and  I  am  so  lucky  to  have   the  gift  she  created.   Especially  Jambo’s  eyes  because  as  you  move  around  the  room  Jambo’s  eyes  follow  you.   Jambo  always  did  have  attitude.”
Jim Smith
Rio de Janerio, Brazil