Beyond Blu began as a quick ceramic sketch .  Then after taking it from the kiln, I felt it needed to have the feeling of strength and resilience and courage, but also have the sense letting go of the drapings of  our own narrow beliefs of inadequacy to make change in both our personal lives and also in our world.  This is when I added the resin clay as a kind of shedding of a cloak that is no longer needed.
I then added the intense blues and earth tones.   But it is the Vividness of the Blues and and this piece’s movement that truly feels like a Dance in Awakening Self Awareness. This is a stunning piece.


It is also a part of the Wings of Change Series that was initiated in response to the Wakening Spirit of so many after the November Elections in the US.  I truly believe that the world is in a state of Transformation and it will take each of us to feel and nurture our own for our world to change.

I began the piece with water based clay, fired it in the kiln then added a resin clay for the draping and added wings.